I was Born in Ghent, Belgium and went to LUCA SCHOOL OF ART in the same town.

After finishing my education I worked for 36 years as a ceramic teacher

In 2021 I moved to France and started a new studio in Bray-Dunes.


My search is focused on the qualities and bounderies of porcelain clay.

I like the whiteness, the translucity and the purity of the material, the soft touch when throwing on the wheel.

Mastering ceramics and especially porcelain requires a lot of discipline and métier. The possibilities the material offers are huge, endless and a constant motivation to push bounderies and experiment with texture, glaze and form. A traditional but beautiful way to use the material. I have been working with porcelain for a long time now and still I’m amazed by this wonderful material that can create such marvelously tender looking forms and be completely vitrified at the same time.

Nature is my inspiration but there is no typical form I prefer, each piece is unique and when I work on a new theme this often needs new techniques.  Ceramics is about making choices all the time, making the right ones for me is important, surfaces can enhance a form or destroy the work. This makes me rethink the whole process and start from scratch, until the final result matches the feeling I want to express. 


My latest porcelain shapes are threedimensional translucent watercolors without glaze, showing the beautiful naked skin of the vitrified porcelain.

In these pieces experiment is crucial while I throw, trim, push, cast and assemble the forms using different kinds of porcelain. I combine throwing and casting together, each type of clay reacts differently to the high temperature in the kiln, so distortions are inevitable due to different shrinkage of the material. Gravity does its work while the porcelain is weak at this point of the proces, an unpredictable altering to the pieces occurs, that I embrace. The fire is taking over, chemical processes are being initiated and the soft clay is transformed into a beautiful vitrified material . This is porcelain at its best : shown through the transparency and subtility of the porcelain, porcelain frail and brittle like life itself